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Monday, 24 January 2011 10:34
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Roy W.

Mechanical 1 has been servicing our Liebert equipment for our server room and has replaced many of our old rooftop units. We have been completely satisfied with their response and quality of work. I would recommend them to anyone.

Craig B.

My R&D facility has many different types of HVAC equipment and a lot of them. Mechanical 1 has successfully maintained and serviced all of them. They guarantee a 4 hour response time and have succeeded in meeting that response every time.

Rick N.

Mechanical 1 has done an excellent job maintaining our numerous rooftop equipment. They have installed new rooftop equipment in our shop, replaced our large in-efficient make-up air system with new efficient radiant tube heaters and secured us a large rebate from Consumer's Energy, helping us pay for the radiant installation. They take great pride in making sure we're happy.

Duane R.

Mechanical 1 has taken care of our HVAC equipment for years. They also replaced our old halogen lights with new energy efficient lights in our shop. We cannot believe how bright it is. The DTE rebates helped a great deal with the installation costs.

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